Areas of activity

The Law Firm provides defence, support and consultancy in the field of criminal law, with particular attention to the following matters:

› Corporate criminal law
› Corporate and bankruptcy criminal law
› Criminal tax law
› Banking and financial and credit brokerage criminal law
› Crimes against the public administration
› Agri-food and wine-making criminal law
› Criminal labour law and workplace health and safety
› Criminal law of the environment, energy, construction and urban planning
› Corporate liability (Italian Legislative Decree no. 231/2001 and subsequent amendments)
› Prevention measures
› Medical and professional liability
› Liability of directors and officers of local entities
› Cybercrimes
› Crimes in relation to copyright and protection of intellectual and industrial property
› Media crimes - Defamation in the press and on the internet
› Crimes against the individual
› Family and juvenile criminal law
› Crimes related to road traffic and violation of the Highway Code rules
› Defensive investigations
› European and contemporary criminal law
› Disciplinary proceedings
› Criminal risk assessment in preventive due diligence activities
› Corporate governance in relation to assessment of the criminal risk
› Repatriation procedures of foreign capital - Voluntary Disclosure