Law Firm

The Law Firm has its main office in Turin in an historic building at Corso Re Umberto no. 77.

It offers support, consultancy and defence in the field of criminal law, for the protection of natural and legal persons, entities and assets.

The Law Firm was established by Andrea Cianci and Monica Toscani and is based upon their many years of experience and on the longstanding professional activity provided in favour of major national and international clients.

Together with “Imperato e Associati”, it has a deeply integrated, modern and efficient structure, which, thanks to coherent multidisciplinary skills and innovation, acts as a reference point for both corporate criminal law, the public administration and white collar crimes in general, and for tax law.

It pays particular attention to issues of contemporary criminal law and the evolutionary lines of jurisprudence and it offers appropriate solutions with a view to achieving regulatory compliance, also through the adoption of governance instruments aimed at preventing the risk of prosecution.

It is an independent Law Firm: it pursues the aim of providing a free, courageous and competent defence and it operates in respect of principles of professional ethics and confidentiality, giving the utmost importance to the relationship of trust established with its clients.

Through its team, it takes part in national and international industry associations. It plays an active role on Commissions of the relevant professional Order and the local Criminal Chamber; it regularly carries out conferencing, training and educational activities, also through publications on its chosen subjects.

It operates across the whole country, having a widespread system of relationships and a network that includes the most accredited colleagues and specialist consultants in the various sectors.