Law 4 Music

The Law Firm has developed significant experience in matters concerning copyright crimes in the music industry and in the protection of intellectual and industrial property.

Andrea Cianci, in particular, has accrued specific expertise in the study and preparation of corporate compliance models pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001 on "Rules on the Corporate Liability of Legal Persons, Companies and Associations even without legal personality”, as well as codes of ethics, with reference to the copyright infringement crimes cited by Article 25(9) of the Legislative Decree.

In addition, Andrea Cianci is personally active in initiatives that identify music as a tool of emancipation, inclusion and integration, as an expressive form able to release new energies and break down social barriers; in that perspective, he participates through MMC S.r.l. (founding partner) in Music Innovation Hub Impresa Sociale S.p.A. (