Food & Wine Law

The Law Firm has accrued specific expertise in the matter of agri-food and wine-making criminal law, through the achievement of specialisation Master's degrees and longstanding professional assistance in favour of major enterprises of the sector, also in mass retail and at the different levels of the supply chain.

Notably, Andrea Cianci has gained specific expertise in the study and preparation of corporate compliance models pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001 on "Rules on the Corporate Liability of Legal Persons, Companies and Associations even without legal personality”, as well as codes of ethics, with reference to crimes against trade and industry, as well as consultancy activities for the criminal repercussions of corporate governance (management and control processes, ethical-corporate guidelines, functional delegations, processes, protocols and corporate systems).

Andrea Cianci regularly performs conferencing and training activity and is the author of publications in the aforementioned matters; he is also a member of EFLA - European Food Law Association and of UGIVI (Unione Giuristi della Vite e del Vino) (Union of Vine and Wine Lawyers).